From Efficiency to Excellence: Decoding the Success of NimbusPost, India’s Best Logistics Company

The world is moving at a fast pace today in every sector of life, similarly, eCommerce and digitisation are taking a large space. The future is technology and it all comes down to efficient logistics services. Nowadays, everyone is shopping online or transforming their businesses with the help of eCommerce. Huge corporations such as Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal are common names in every household. But, what makes them who they are? They need a reliable shipping partner to move forward and deliver to the end consumer.

This brings us to NimbusPost, a tech-based aggregator company that brings you a comprehensive set of tech-enabled shipping services in India. It helps you connect with multiple courier partners in a single place and makes your delivery process much easier, eliminating the chunk off your shoulders and allowing you to relax. They provide both domestic and international shipping as well as warehousing services. You can compare all these services and choose what works best for you. Plus, the company offers sellers a real-time NDR panel to bring down RTOs and boost their profit margin.

NimbusPost allows you to choose the best courier service in India for each order by bringing India’s top 27+ carrier partners on its platform. Online retailers’ market reputation relies heavily on third-party transportation providers or shipping aggregators, which was one of the biggest reasons for establishing NimbusPost. While online vendors are well-versed in their industry, they are limited to handling goods in transit. Therefore, NimbusPost comes across as a perfect solution to different eCommerce shipping woes.

How is NimbusPost beneficial to you?

  1. Competitive services

There is a long list of services and benefits provided by NimbusPost like low-cost shipping, zero subscription fee, etc. Below are a few more:

  • 27+ courier options
  • Automated cloud-calling feature
  • One-click store integration
  • Real-time NDR access
  • Reduced RTO
  • Serviceability to 29000+ pin codes
  • Advanced shipping calculator
  • Courier recommendation engine
  • Amazon integration
  • One-day COD remittance
  1. COD settlement

COD settlements are a key difficulty with most shipping partners. The cash flow gets disrupted and can make you wait for months for the amount to get cleared. NimbusPost, on the other hand, provides the fastest COD remittance, helping you to manage your funds, inventory and overall order fulfilment process better.

  1. No delay in delivery

You also might have to deal with late deliveries from the local courier partners, which results in a considerable RTO. However, NimbusPost’s multi-courier option allows you to deliver rapidly using DTDC, Delhivery, Blue Dart, Shadowfax, and other local and national carrier partners, cutting RTO by up to 25%*.

  1. No starting cost

NimbusPost offers free account setup and the industry’s lowest shipping rates to help you with more inexpensive and quick delivery. It has a number of rate cards for you to choose from. You can also use their advanced shipping rate calculator to compare each logistics partner’s freight charge, allowing you to make an informed decision for each shipment. Furthermore, it also carries a hassle-free plug/play functionality, you may submit orders directly from your enterprises such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Unicommerce, Amazon, Magento, Prestashop, etc.

  1. Claims

Every year, NimbusPost promises to execute millions of regular shipments, allowing 1Lac+ pleased businesses to distribute directly to their clients across India. It aims to work with maximum effort and dedication in helping the customer reach maximum satisfaction. Its delivery alternatives are offered in over 29000 different pin codes. Rather than focusing on a particular service, they aim to supply an entire delivery system.

  1. Company’s objective

NimbusPost was founded in 2018 with a fresh objective to cater to eCommerce retailers’ various shipping needs and bring them a hassle-free way to handle storage and logistics operations. With a highly conscientious and eager team, it has worked non-stop ever since reaching new milestones every year. Its main objective is to be the first priority for all shipping needs and to help online brands expand their business through smooth shipping services.


When the world is moving at a faster pace, it becomes difficult to keep up with it, especially for eCommerce brands. 

That is why, you can leverage the best logistics company in India to ensure smooth shipping operations and superior customer experience. 

A shipping aggregator can make your life so much easier as they take care of the shipping and logistics, while you can take care of boosting sales, marketing, branding and other tedious tasks. All you need to do now is to have a growth mindset and keep moving forward. Since NimbusPost caters to all-sized online businesses, you can ask for a quote to start shipping with them at the best rates in India.

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