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Why You Can Choose a Mirrorless Camera for Vlogging

This is going to be a simple statement from my end. I intended to be a filmmaker. Now I am a photographer, and the silent world of image creation has helped me a lot to cope with my loneliness. I planned to shoot the next action film, but I am quite well as a photographer earning my livelihood by photographing landscapes and objects.

You might wonder why that intro was placed for a topic such as this. Well, you can wonder because that seems completely natural. However, I want to share my stories about the camera I use for shooting. Yes, it is a mirrorless camera, and it has its perks that you still may not know. In order to make you understand how I thought and what helped me choose a mirrorless camera, you will need to listen to my story of how I switched from filmmaking to photography, which I love now. 

What We All Get Wrong about Choosing Our Gears for Vlogging?

When I have been around 25 years of age, I was thinking about what career path I might choose. It is because I have a degree in graphic design and photography, and it would not be very difficult for me to choose a videography or a filmmaking course, too.

Besides, if I needed money or suffered a poor credit rating, I could take out urgent loans for bad credit in Ireland because private lenders are there. That was not the question. I have been confused with my career path. This is where I had to learn something.

Being a filmmaker was my choice because I was in love with the idea of filmmaking. I was not actually a filmmaker by heart. I suck at storytelling. I do not pay any direct attention to acting. All I recorded from my experiences is that I have been very curious about the action shots and the fantastic graphic quality of a slow-motion close-up. The story of films never interested me because all I asked about them as if they came with stunning visuals’.

I went on a journey to self-realisation. Deep down, I realised I am a patron of visual aesthetics more than moving stories. Everything to me has to be beautiful, attractive, or visually stunning. I loved, therefore, the moment and not the action of doing something in particular. All along, I loved filmmaking because filmmakers get a lot of attention from people than photographers generally.

I chose photography because that would serve the real purpose of my goal. My aim professionally is to create visuals that matter. Now, a crisp shot of the flower or a fantastic image of a person behind a wall can have more cinematic value to me than anything else. I realised photography is what I want, whereas videography is what society wants me to want.

Similarly, a DSLR has been the popular camera choice for all these days. You might fail to understand that legendary photographers of old did not even have access to a DSLR camera. They have snapped photographs, which are in auctions now, simply by using a Kodak 35mm film camera. 

This is where I need you to open your mind. Most people simply choose a DSLR camera because that is the most obvious choice. But the technology has changed. Things have taken a better turn. You might want to try a mirrorless camera, particularly if you are vlogging. Let me tell you why in the next point. 

Why Buying a Mirrorless Camera Is Worth It for Vlogging?

No offence to the DSLR camera in saying this, though. Mirrorless cameras are new technology, and they might offer you an upper hand in getting yourself the best output for both photography and vlogging needs. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They Are Lighter to Carry Around

For a photographer, we can excuse this because there is a tripod or other mounting device that stations the camera to a location for sure. However, when you vlog with your camera, holding it onto a gimbal or by simply your hands, then you need a lightweight camera. The mirrorless can work just fine.

The DSLR cameras range from a weight of 700 grams to 1500 grams. A mirrorless camera weighs around the range of 450 grams to 800 grams. Make your choice. 

  • Manual Focusing 

They say that focusing is of great importance when something is photographed. That is great, in a way. In DSLRs, the manual focusing is a bit tiresome. Ask any photographer, and they are going to tell you the same thing.

With a mirrorless camera, the manual focus is easier than a DSLR. Even if you shoot videos, this option can help you make better outcomes to capture beautiful photographs. Use them in your thumbnail to get more views. 

  • Video Autofocus

Isn’t it bad when you use a camera to shoot a video, and then you move your camera from this subject onto that, and your footage shakes, blurs, and does things that are not so cool?

Although a few DSLRs come with better focus functionalities, basic DSLRs will try to autofocus by detecting contrast. The result of this technique is not good. Mirrorless autofocus comes in great use to hold the stability of your footage.

You move your camera from this subject to that while shooting a video and the autofocus will transition it as smoothly as possible. This factor can help you achieve that cinematic look partly in your videos. 

  • Size and Adaptable Lenses

I think I should have mentioned it earlier. Keep a DSLR and a Mirrorless side-by-side, and you will notice a visible difference in the sizes. DSLRs are a little bulkier than a mirrorless camera. For vlogging, the latter is useful. 

Although adaptable lens technology is not new to the market of cameras, mirrorless devices may give you an advantage in using it. You may be able to add different kinds of lenses to your mirrorless camera and shoot your vlog in the style you want. 

To Conclude

Buying a camera for vlogging need not be complicated. If I were you and I knew the benefits of a mirrorless camera, then I would have gone for one. Again, if I had money problems, but I noticed a good deal, I could speak with a private money lender in Ireland. You can get loans without collateral from them, and that too online. If you are feeling confused, though, ask a friend or go to a shop to get hands-on trying sessions of both a DSLR and a mirrorless camera. Hopefully, that can help you make your decision.