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Herbal Medicine for Piles Explained and Simplified

Hemorrhoids or piles are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum that cause pain, bleeding and itching in the anal canal. Excessive abdominal pressure causes these veins to swell into piles resulting in symptoms like pain, bleeding and itching in this region.

An Ayurvedic expert recommends taking sitz baths to relieve itching and pain, in addition to drinking plenty of water in order to alleviate symptoms.

1. Garlic Water

Piles (commonly referred to as hemorrhoids) are protuberances caused when veins in the rectum and anus become swollen due to constipation, being overweight or sitting for long periods. While piles can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, natural remedies exist that can treat them effectively.

Garlic is one of the best natural treatments for piles, and highly effective at alleviating symptoms of this condition. Acting as both a vasodilator and anticoagulant, garlic works to decrease swelling while relieving pain from piles. Furthermore, allicin, found within garlic’s composition, has been found to decrease inflammation while increasing blood circulation within rectal areas.

Consuming garlic water daily can help alleviate symptoms associated with piles and enhance overall health. Making garlic water can easily be done at home by mixing crushed garlic cloves into hot water and simmering it for 10-15 minutes – be sure to consume this beverage every morning before breakfast!

Ayurved treatment options for piles include herbal medications, diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as Kshara karma – a process in which special paste is applied directly onto hemorrhoids – however this option may cause pain and itching so it’s wise to discuss this treatment option with an Ayurvedic practitioner first before proceeding with it. They will take into account your dosha when suggesting an approach, possibly suggesting safer Western approaches as alternatives.

2. Jatyadi Oil                                       

Jatyadi oil is an outstanding herbal medicine for piles       . It heals wounds caused by fissures, hemorrhoids and bleeding piles as well as itching, burning and irritation of the anal area. Furthermore, Jatyadi promotes easier passage of stool while relieving swelling around the anus.

This oil contains flavonoids, essential oils, tannins, steroids and alkaloids which provide effective healing properties to external wounds by drawing out excess blood from injuries, cleaning wounds thoroughly and beginning the healing process for tissues. Furthermore, its antiseptic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties assist with tissue healing processes as well.

Jatyadi oil can also help treat all sorts of skin problems such as psoriasis and ulcers, while helping heal open wounds, burns, and cuts. Jatyadi oil also removes dead tissue from infected wounds quickly to speed healing time while protecting from further infections or improving healing time.

To create jatyadi oil, combine sesame oil and ground powder of radish, fennel seeds, shikakai and neem in a deep bottom vessel and mix thoroughly before heating it over a low flame until any residual oil residues have been reduced and cooling it before storing in an airtight container. To use jatyadi oil effectively take cotton swabs dipped into oil and apply directly on or near anus prior to and following bowel movement as well as after bathing morning and before bedtime – even at nighttime!

3. Radish Juice

Radish is a nutritious vegetable that can aid in treating and avoiding piles. Packed full of roughage and insoluble fibers which attract water into stool passage, Radish helps relieve symptoms such as itching, burning sensation in anal region.

Radish can increase production of enzymes in your digestive system and assist in smooth waste passage, helping prevent constipation and Piles. Radish is one of the best natural ayurvedic medicines for Piles; to reap maximum benefit you should include it daily in your diet.

Mooli (senna leaves) can easily be found near you as raw Mooli or you could take GoYNG Piles Care which contains 50+ quality herbal ingredients including Mooli for optimal pile care – making for easy consumption without aftertaste or gas issues.

Piles or Haemorrhoids are a painful condition affecting the anal area and may result from numerous sources, including lack of fibers, stress, sitting too long at work and ageing. While this issue can be easily treated at home using some simple but effective remedies.

4. Triphala Powder

Ayurvedic herbs such as triphala are highly effective at combatting the root cause of piles: constipation. Triphala powder has long been utilized in Ayurvedic treatment of various illnesses due to its rejuvenating and Vata balancing properties; in particular it can boost digestion fire while acting as a mild laxative; individuals suffering from constipation should consume triphala churna regularly in order to alleviate constipation symptoms and thus avoid piles altogether.

Constipation is one of the leading causes of piles, as it puts strain on blood vessels in the anal area and increases pressure on these vascular networks. Left untreated, this pressure can lead to severe pain and bleeding in the anus area. Triphala powder an unani medicine is an effective herbal solution for constipation as it contains Amla (Indian gooseberry), Harad (black myroblan) and Bibhitaki; all three fruits boast natural laxative properties thanks to being packed full of dietary fibres which facilitate regular bowel movements while relieving constipation symptoms.

To reap its many advantages, people can take a half teaspoon of triphala powder mixed with warm water or tea on an empty stomach in the morning, or mix it with honey and drink this mixture before bedtime – either way it provides excellent relief from constipation while strengthening blood vessels in the anal region and thus helping prevent pile formation.